Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feelin' the love

Ethan was up very early this morning to go swimming (second time this week--go hubby!!), so of course Eric woke up just as I was headed for the shower. He didn't sound too distressed, so I figured I'd try and shower before getting him out of his crib. Made it through a shower with no interruptions and went in to get Eric, as he was sounding much more agitated at this point. Turn on the nightlight and instead of an excited "Mommy!" he is instead delighted to discover his pacifier is still in the crib and spends 2 minutes babbling to it. No love for Mommy. Strike 1.

I take him back to our room so I can finish getting dressed and he's actually pretty happy doing his own thing (normally he demands to be taken downstairs to eat IMMEDIATELY). After trying to stall for a while to give Ethan a chance to come home and shower, I really just can't...need to get my stuff packed up so I can get out the door too! Eric and I go downstairs to discover Ethan sitting on the couch eating a McDonalds sandwich. Strike 2. With no McDonalds for Mommy. Strike 3, I'm outta here!


  1. Doesn't the McDonald's kind of defeat the purpose of going swimming so early?!