Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25 - A day at the beach

I went to the beach today...with about a hundred kids.

Okay, in reality I went to daycare for the day, but it was 'Beach Day' where they, well, turn daycare into a beach. The event itself is a ton of fun--a beach and lemonade for the 'big kids', sand tables for the little kids, water tables, ice cream sandwiches, and fishy crafts for everyone. The cleanup--a whole other story. Remember the beach? Well, that 300 lbs of sand has to get outside to the sandbox somehow, and that involves a lot of parents scooping sand into buckets, dumping the buckets into a wheelbarrow, then lots of sweeping before a final run with the shop vac. I'm expecting pain tomorrow, but it was worth it.

Now for the pictures...I was tagged as soon as I got in the door to take pictures of ALL the kids, which was a great time and a good opportunity to put the camera to the test. I may need a faster memory card. I took 350 pictures in about 3 hours and could have taken more but the camera would scream mercy (aka 'Busy') at random times. After editing? 240 pictures. But don't worry, I'm just going to pick a few :-)

the beach...all 300 lbs of it

Evan digging his toes in the sand with his way too big shorts :-)

I love this one...Eric's the one in the middle

Eric and the most popular girl in his class!


  1. Very cool! Quite an ambitious project but I am sure the kids had a complete blast.

  2. That is quite a lot of sand. Tommy's daycare did a beach day - but it involved the kids wearing beach attire and having beach decorations! MUCH easier for me:)