Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3 - Go ahead, laugh

While Evan was playing on the computer, I was cleaning out the computer CDs and found a slideshow various members of my family had put together for my Pops' 80th birthday a few years ago. There are close to 800 pictures (no, I'm not going to use them to blog for the next 2+ years), but when you figure 9 'kids' plus spouses, their kids (grandkids) and a few spouses, and then Evan (the only great-grandkid at the time, 2 more now), well, 800 pictures isn't so bad.

Once again, I get off topic. I bet I could do that 365 times this year...

Anyway, there are some very adorable pictures of me (naturally), one was even saved as 'prettyjess'
Then there's me with my Kermit (Kermit gets his own collage of pictures, even one of him eating dinner--very odd, but apparently I loved my Kermit). And how cute am I?? No idea who all's feet are behind me, but I'm assuming this Christmas was spent in Florida.

And then there's this one, which I truly think must be one of the worst pictures of me I have ever seen. What am I wearing? What is my hair doing? I'm thinking this must be middle school timeframe, but oh my! So go ahead, have a little chuckle at my expense...I did ;-)


  1. OK, I am laughing at the tie. That is funny. But you were a cutie and I concur with the "prettyjess" picture!

  2. I am also laughing at the tie...VERY stylish..circa 1980s!!
    I don't think I'll EVER post pictures of me at that age....picture BOY short hair - red HUGE glasses - HUGE eyebrows - and general awkwardness...NOT pretty!!