Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 24 - Weird

Evan is a weird little kid sometimes. I have started putting him to bed recently (except tonight, I swapped with Ethan so I could go do some wine shopping) and am learning more of his quirks. Like how he has to curl up in a little ball after a bath/shower until you coax him out bit by bit to put on his pajamas without making him cold (first the socks, then underwear, pants, shirt). But if it's not a shower night, he can put on the pajamas in about 4 seconds all by himself. And how he has to go potty and brush his teeth before he can take a shower. Or that he needs the water to run full blast while brushing his teeth (explains the increase in our water bill over the past year; trying to convince him he can turn the water off for a minute).

But the absolute weirdest thing he does is insist on wearing a shark mask when he picks out his bedtime stories. Last night, he wanted me to pick out the stories and I had to wear the shark mask.