Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 6 - Go, Tell It On The Mountain

Ethan has decided to join the ranks of normal people and give up his weird '.us' email address and switch over the gmail. As a result of trying to transfer all his contact stuff over, he took over my laptop for the majority of the evening and left me powerless to blog. So now I am rushed to find a day 6 photo so I can get back to the last new 'Desperate Housewives' until the writer's strike is over. Luckily the Treo just came through and I did not have to dig for an embarrassing photo of Ethan...he's spared for another day ;-) I will say that he is watching the Gladiator show, which should be embarrassing in itself.

A little variation on the photo blog today; I'm going with a video blog. I took Evan to church with me this morning and he was not on his best behavior. He talked when he should not have been talking, would not talk when he should talk (prayers, sign of peace), tried to use the pew as a bed and me as a pillow, etc. The closing song today was 'Go, Tell It On the Mountain' which he heard at Christmas Eve mass a few weeks ago. Apparently it stuck in his head as he sang the chorus all 3 times at top volume. Cupping his hand around his mouth like a megaphone during the first 6 words. Seeing as how it was the last song and other people were singing too, I made no efforts to stop him and let him get it all out. I loved. He loved it. The people next to us, in front of, and behind us loved it and complimented him on the way out as he hid his face in coat. People in the next section over and 7 rows behind us complimented him. I resisted the urge to hide my face in my coat.

Anyway, I did not take video in church, but Evan did re-enact the moment for me at home (in a much quieter voice).


  1. That is too cute. (And btw, I watched Gladiators last night too... is that wrong??)

  2. I like how he is wearing his Eagles was Football sunday, right? Even if they weren't in a playoff game!

  3. P - depends on how engrossed you were in the show. Ethan was pretty wrapped up in it. BTW, Evan was hanging his shirts up by himself last night--I told him you would be proud ;-)

    L - yes, it's the Eagles jersey. He keeps saying the Eagles are playing 'tomorrow' and we keep trying to explain the Eagles are done for the season. But if wearing the jersey makes him happy, who am I to argue?

  4. Don't forget that song is in "The Christmas Story" which we watched at least twice when I was at your house on Christmas!