Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 13 - Shoes

Evan informed me yesterday that he needs new shoes because the velcro is coming off the current ones...I can't remember the exact phrase he had, but I had to actually look at the shoes to figure out what he was talking about. Figures, he looks like he could use a haircut too.

Probably time to get Eric some new shoes too,
don't you think?
And this one's just funny :-)


  1. PLEASE don't go to haircuttery!! I'm just guessing that they'll screwup his haircut....based on your past experiences.

  2. No worries, we are strictly Cartoon Cuts these days--they have a buy 5, get 1 free deal that makes them the same price as Hair Cuttery, so it's not as bad.

  3. I wish I could get shoes and haircuts as much as those boys :)