Thursday, January 24, 2008


Tomorrow: is Friday, and technically I have taken the day off to participate in 'Beach Day' at the kids daycare...but I will be more tired after that then I will at a regular day of work :-)

Feeling: torn...decisions to make, but can't blog them right now

Happy because: everyone is healthy, which is nothing short of a miracle for the middle of winter in our house :)

Today I: do not feel like doing much work

Laundry: huge pile of it waiting to be folded. How do 2 little people generate so much laundry?

Something I know: making chicken quesadillas for dinner tonight which should NOT cause any whining at the dinner table

Currently reading: Jemima J I think I borrowed this from Aimee like a year ago; probably about time I read it and gave it back ;-)

Wanting: a Pepsi. But I haven't had any water to drink yet, and I try very hard to drink a water before I have my Pepsi.

Favorite gadget: I'm such a gadget snob...cannot live without my Treo. Not sure how well I would do without my Tivo either.

Thankful that: I have a supporting family and friends, and a good job that lets me be with my family when I need/want to.

Thanks, Emily and Lydia! Feel free to copy and's going around.

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  1. Ahhhh decisions :) Feel free to email :) Quesidillas is a GREAT idea for dinner, thanks :)